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VSU is engaged in annual institutional effectiveness for continuous improvement. The following information contains important directions regarding this year’s report. To aid in this process, Strategic Research & Analysis coordinates the annual collection of necessary information from all administrative and academic units within the university. The documentation contributes toward our evidence of institutional effectiveness for our SACS accreditation. 
Each administrative and academic unit is required to submit an updated institutional effectiveness report (IER) and plan (IEP) annually. These reports provide unit goals, evidence of achieving goals, and how the unit will improve its effectiveness for the next year.  The reports and plans include:

  • identification of outcomes/goals being measured
  • assessments used to measure outcomes/goals
  • discussion of data results (qualitative and quantitative) collected from assessments
  • discussion of how assessment results have been applied to make improvements. 

For administrative units, the content of the summary may be the results and follow-up done as a result of an internal audit or other internal program used for measuring effectiveness/improvement. For academic units, the content will primarily focus on the assessment of student learning outcomes but can include administrative functions (i.e., enrollment and recruiting). Each degree program must be reported separately.
The following guidelines have been provided to assist in completion of this year’s submissions.
Completing the 2009-10 Institutional Effectiveness Report:

  • The 2009-10 Report (IER) is based on the 2009-10 Plan (IEP) that was submitted to Strategic Research & Analysis in January 2010. In the 2009-10 Plan, units indicated outcomes, assessment methods, and benchmarks for success.
  • To complete your 2009-10 Report, simply add the remaining two components to the existing 2009-10 Plan:
    • results/evidence of the assessments indicated in the Plan, and
    • discussion of how those results/evidence were used to make improvements.

Completing the 2010-11 Institutional Effectiveness Plan:

  • In the 2010-12 Plan, indicate outcomes, assessment methods, and benchmarks for success for a two-year plan cycle.
  • This document will serve as the basis for your 2010-11 and 2011-12 IERs.

If you have any questions about the institutional effectiveness reports, plans, or portal, please contact Strategic Research & Analysis for assistance at 245-6517 or by the email addresses listed below.

Kristina Cragg, Assistant to the President for Strategic Research & Analysis – kmcragg@valdosta.edu
Angela Henderson, Senior Research Analyst – aselder@valdosta.edu