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New Features
Feature Date Description
07-NOV-2012 Students not registered report highlights students with financial/registration holds
05-NOV-2012 Students not registered for Spring 2013 reports added to the OBIEE Enterprise Reporting tool.
07-DEC-2012 Spring daily course reports now available
07-DEC-2012 Room utilization reports now available
07-FEB-2013 Reports that search by dept/major now includes secondary coll/dept/major
20-DEC-2012 Official first-time full-time freshman fall 12 reports now available
15-OCT-2012 Integration into FLC faculty app. Additional login is no longer required.
02-OCT-2012 In-progress grades added to instructors course page.
01-OCT-2012 Email your advisees and course students within the portal.
20-DEC-2012 Digital Measures available for Nursing and Social Work faculty
17-OCT-2012 College of Nursing advising reports added to the OBIEE Enterprise Reporting Tool.
03-JAN-2013 Classroom seat utilization reports available for Deans and Department Heads. Shared Reports/Data Warehouse/Enrollment
31-OCT-2012 Center for International Programs phase I reports added to the OBIEE Enterprise Reporting Tool.
28-JAN-2013 Attachments can be added to emails sent from the portal.
20-DEC-2012 Advising center administrators can now access data spanning multiple areas
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